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Our Policies




Our Policies



Our focus is on discipline (we get the job done), detail (we aim for perfection) and delivery (we deliver on time).


Internal Strategies

  • Crystallise:  We identify our purpose for being and our missions and goals

  • Organise:  Our offices are neat and tidy and we have sound systems in place

  • Prioritise:  We focus on the activities that will achieve our goals and objectives

  • Strategise:  We think, scheme, plan and identify the activities required to achieve our goals

  • Execute:  We make it happen effectively and efficiently.

  • Feedback:  We monitor, measure and evaluate our performance for continuous improvement


  • We act with integrity, dignity and care

  • We are independent, objective and responsible

  • We are respectful, honest and fair

  • We respect confidentiality, avoid conflicts of interest and honour all commitments

Service Delivery

  • Our service is relevant to the needs of our clients

  • The information supplied is reliable, i.e. it is well researched, accurate, and based on reliable sources

Protection of Personal Information Act - Please click here to open a copy of this document.


If we fail in any of the above areas, do not hesitate to let us know so we can rectify the situation.