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Welcome to Mafiabuzz


Our Website

Our website contains the following information:

1.  A Newsflash which is a weekly summary of the market statistics and company announcements

2.  Details of DIY Portfolio Management workshop dates and fees

3.  A secure section which allows our members to gain access to the DIY Portfolio Management database

4.  Buzzes which address current portfolio management issues

The DIY Portfolio Management Programme

There are four parts to this program:

1.   Database, which contains portfolio management calculators, models and market information

2.   Manual, which contains the essential lessons on all aspects of portfolio management

3.   Workshop, which explains the programme and provides a forum for discussion

4.   Hedgehog, which monitors and reports on the portfolios of past participants of the programme

Charles Hattingh presents the workshops in the Johannesburg area and Christiaan Lamprecht in the Western Cape. 

The DIY Portfolio Management Programme focuses on four areas:

1.  The JSE equities market

2.  The shares listed on the JSE

3.  The construction and selection of portfolios of JSE equity shares

4.  The management of JSE equity portfolios

Background to Charles Hattingh

After serving five years of articles with a small auditing firm and attending Wits in the evenings and on Saturday mornings, Charles Hattingh (CPH) failed the qualifying examination in 1962.  He then formed a small study group and rewrote in 1963, achieving honours (first in RSA).

He received his results while working for 20th Century Fox as company secretary in Nairobi, Kenya.  On returning to South Africa, he joined the Industrial Development Corporation as an investigating accountant.  He was fortunate to work under two incredible people, Mr. John Mitchell and Mr. Derek Keys, spending three years at the IDC performing due diligence investigations for loan and equity investments.  He sat on three boards of directors as a representative of IDC.

After his stint with the IDC he joined Anglo American’s merchant bank, Union Acceptances Limited (UAL).  His job was to investigate and value companies for listings and takeover purposes.  The level of activity at UAL was much lower than that at the IDC so, in his spare time, he formed a group of fourteen candidates who had previously failed the CA qualifying examination.  Using his own experience of having failed and then achieving honours, he trained these candidates for five months in the art and practice of writing examinations.  12 of the 14 passed.  The two who failed never managed to pass at subsequent attempts.  Encouraged by these results, he left UAL to focus full time on preparing candidates for the Q.E.

During this stage of his career he:

  1. Was appointed to SAICA’s Accounting Practices Committee as a representative of financial statement analysts

  2. Presented courses for SAICA on International Financial Reporting Standards

  3. Wrote and passed the CFA (Chartered Financial Analysts) examinations

  4. Co-wrote SAICA’s valuation booklet

  5. Consulted on accounting and valuation problems

  6. Analysed and valued about 80 companies a year

In 1999 he ceased his Q.E. activities and in 2011 ceased presenting workshops on IFRS.  In 2015 he gave up his valuation activities.  He now focuses all of his efforts on researching and presenting workshops on portfolio management.

Background to Christiaan Lamprecht

In 2017 Charles decided to cut back on presenting the Portfolio Management workshop country-wide and rather focus on presenting more workshops in Gauteng. He re-wrote the material in a format suitable for distance learning and asked Christiaan Lamprecht to facilitate the workshop on his behalf in the Western Cape. The first of these facilitated workshops was held in December 2017 in Stellenbosch. 

Christiaan qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1996 after completing his traineeship with PwC. He then worked as a financial manager for the South-African subsidiary of a London based manufacturing company before joining Stellenbosch University as a lecturer in financial accounting in 1999. He passed the final level of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) exams in 2000 and completed a Masters in Accounting (Computer Auditing) in 2003. Christiaan received a Rector’s award for Distinguished Teaching in 2010 and obtained the degree Doctor of Accounting in financial accounting in 2016. He currently lectures financial accounting to post-graduate chartered accounting students.  

Over the years Christiaan attended many of Charles’s IFRS, Valuations and Portfolio Management courses. During the past five years he successfully managed his own and close family members’ equity portfolios and is well versed with Charles’s investment philosophy.  

Apart from being a member of SAICA and CIMA he is also a member of the South African Turnaround Management Association. Christiaan also serves as non-executive director on two of the companies in the Innovus group of companies.  Innovus is the Stellenbosch University’s industry interaction and innovation company.  


I would like to acknowledge the following for going the extra mile by contributing to the DIY Portfolio Management Programme:

  • Anneke and Ric Andrews for recommending scores of their clients, associates and friends to become a part of the programme

  • Anton Louw for sharing his ideas on portfolio management and being prepared to debate his and my ideas on the subject

  • Chris Vietri for sharing his wisdom gained over many years from being a banker and an investor with me

  • Christiaan Lamprecht for agreeing to present the Cape workshops and for contributing to the content of the programme

  • Ian Somerville for giving me a wake-up call as to the importance of presentation and guiding me in this matter

  • Les Penfold for keeping me on my toes with the accuracy of the information I supply

  • Mark Clulow for writing the macros which drive the system

  • Pierre Luccouw  for contributing over the years to the intellectual content of the programme

  • Pieter Els for being a friend, recommending others to join the programme and offering me moral support