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PC Finance Research is staffed by Charles Hattingh, the managing member and tea boy, Colette Spear, who is in charge of our website and Jade Spear, who is in charge of bookings, logistics, Hedgehog and everything else.


Charles Hattingh

See the home page for details.


Colette Spear

Colette, Charles' eldest daughter, is responsible for our website.  She has an Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Johannesburg and is currently studying her Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching.  She's been working for PC Finance Research for the past 24 years.


Jadely Spear

Jadely, Colette's daughter and, by default, Charles' favourite and only granddaughter. After matriculating she ran a Tax department at a small auditing firm and wrote up the books at a legal firm. In 2014 she received her B.Com Marketing Management Degree from Unisa and in 2015 she received her honours in Financial Planning through the University of the Free State. This is her 14th year of working at P C Finance Research.